Verify new subscription starts and more
at a lower cost than telephone verification.
Reach more new starts for less.

mass2one’s Subscriber E-Verification program will help your newspaper verify subscription starts and upgrade subscriptions for a fraction of the cost of a single verification telephone call.

Lower Cost and Real Time Reporting Improves Service and Retention

Current telephone verification services charge more than a dollar to verify new subscription starts with non-delivery reports taking days to reach you. mass2one’s Subscriber E-Verification program not only automates new subscriber delivery verification, it also provides real-time reporting to notify your staff of missed deliveries for immediate follow-up at a fraction of the cost and time of telephone verification.

Here’s How Subscriber E-Verification Works:

1. Collecting Subscriber Email Addresses - New subscriber email addresses are collected at the time of subscription order, regardless of sales or service channel: Web site, telemarketing, direct mail, kiosk, crew, voluntary starts. mass2one provides you with the creative, process, and technology required to collect subscriber email addresses.

2. Daily Export from Circulation System - Information on new subscribers is exported from your circulation system to mass2one’s Email Campaign Manager software. mass2one works with your circulation and systems staff to automate this ongoing process.

3. One-to-One Email Marketing -
Email Campaign Manager software uses subscriber information to create one-to-one email campaigns that verify new subscription delivery and automatically implements upgrade, auto pay, research or other promotional efforts based on available subscriber information.

4. Real-Time Reporting -
Information on new subscribers reporting non-delivery is sent real-time to your designated distribution staff for immediate follow-up and/or delivery.

5. Data-Driven Automatic Follow-Up -
New subscribers receive the appropriate, targeted upgrade, auto pay conversion, research, or promotional messages based on their information. Email Campaign Manager software allows you to establish follow-up email communications driven by subscriber information, response or the passage of time.

Verify delivery, upgrade subscriptions,
or convert to auto pay for less than the cost of
a single telephone verification phone call.

Email Campaign Manager software's automated email campaign capabilities allow you to verify new starts, report non-delivery, and convert to auto pay or make an upgrade offer for less than a single telephone start verification.

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