Who is mass2one?
mass2one is a software, consulting, and creative services company that helps newspapers integrate permission-based email into their marketing, sales, and service mix to lower costs and increase revenue. Newspaper clients include USA TODAY, Knight Ridder, Scripps Newspapers, Globe and Mail, and San Francisco Chronicle.

Scott Stines, president of mass2one, worked for Gazette Communications, a multi-media holding company with a daily newspaper for five years before founding mass2one. Scott is past president of the International Newspaper Marketing Association (INMA) North American Division and a member of the American Press Institute’s Marketing Advisory Panel. mass2one represents Equifax's email appending and reverse email appending services to the newspaper industry. More information on mass2one can be found at www.mass2one.com.

Who is Naviant?

Equifax Mrketing Services, is the leading compiler of ‘opt-in’ email addresses and provides targeted e-marketing solutions to Fortune 500 companies. Clients include AT&T, Chase Manhattan, Citibank, Office Max, Pizza Hut, Circuit City, and Oracle. Naviant’s databases include more than 100 million consumer and 20 million business profiles.

Why is Customer Email Append important to my newspaper?

Email Append will allow you to quickly build your database of customers (consumers and businesses) with ‘opt-in’ email addresses so your newspaper can take advantage of the low cost distribution and improved response rates provided by permission-based email. Your participation in the Newspaper Email Append program provides some additional benefits:

• Save 20% on any matched and deliverable customer emails.
• Newspaper email append includes sending one email to every email that is matched to your customer file so you can immediately put emails to work to pay back your investment.
• Matched and deliverable emails are returned to you and are available for ongoing use at no additional cost.

What information do we need to provide to append emails?

In addition to current and past customer contact name, business name and address (street, city, state, zip), you will want to include an unique identification number for each record submitted for email matching. This will allow you to easily match and update any customer records that are appended with ‘opt-in’ email addresses. Records should be provided in a text, tab delimited file along with a file layout.

What additional information is required to implement email marketing programs?

Depending on the sales and service applications you plan to implement, you will want to include additional information for each record submitted. mass2one will work with you to define the information required by application.

When do we need to provide our file for matching?
Please submit your text, tab delimited customer file (along with a record layout) to mass2one. Please call us at 1-800-499-6780 for information on how to access our file transfer web site.

What is required to sign-up for the Email Append program?

You will need to review and approve our Email Append service agreement and provide payment for the estimated cost of matching 5% of the records submitted.

How long will it take to append emails to our file and what information will be returned to our newspaper?
The email append process will take 5 to 8 working days. You will receive your original file, plus appended ‘opt-in’ emails, within 14 days.

How can we put these emails to work to pay back our investment in the Email Append program?
mass2one will work with you prior to information being submitted for email appending. We will help you identify the specific sales, and service applications you plan to implement using your new ‘opt-in’ customer email addresses.

For more information on newspaper email marketing applications contact mass2one at 1-800-499-6780.

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