Increase Classified Ad Renewals and Revenue
Without Adding Staff

Each day hundreds of classified ads expire (are available for renewal) at your newspaper. Classified managers agree that the more advertisers reached, the more ads renewed, and the more revenue generated. mass2one’s Classified Ad Renewal Email Marketing program will help you increase ad renewals and classified revenue, while reducing ad renewal costs, and saving classified rep’s time.

Here’s How the Program Works

We work with you to develop a daily export from your classified system of those ads that are viable for renewal. In addition to basic customer contact information, your file includes specific information on the classified ad to be renewed. Click here to view a sample classified renewal data file.

Email Campaign Manager software from mass2one creates, distributes and tracks the results of your classified ad renewal programs. A text or HTML email message is sent to the advertiser reminding them to renew their classified ad. Emails are personalized and are sent from the classified rep that processed the initial ad order. HTML messages feature personalized email headers including the ad rep’s photo and contact information. A sample personalized email header follows:

Personalized email headers increase response rates and lower ‘opt-out’ or unsubscribe rates. Email Campaign Manager software automatically associates the appropriate sales rep email header with each customer email.

Sample Classified Renewal Email

Click image to enlarge

Variable data fields are highlighted in red. Trackable links to ad renewal sign-up pages are blue. Email Campaign Manager software automatically customizes each email message using the information from your classified system.

Making It Easy for Customers to Renew Their Ad

Classified customers are taken to a classified sign-up form to confirm their ad renewal. You can direct customers to your existing ad renewal web site, or you can use Email Campaign Manager software’s response site capabilities. Ad renewal sign-up forms are pre-populated with customer contact information to save time and increase response. Customers submitting ad renewal forms receive a confirmation message thanking them for their business.

Real-Time Reporting Speeds Follow-Up & Sales

When classified customers renew their ad, a sales notice is immediately sent via email to their assigned sales rep for timely follow-up. Copies of sales notices may also be sent to supervisors for monitoring sales rep follow-up.

Sample Sales Notice Email

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Real-time sales notice emails provide the information your reps need to quickly follow-up on renewed ads. Sales notices can be sent to ad assistants, designers or supervisors to keep your team up-to-date.

Measurable Campaigns and Immediate Results

Email Campaign Manager software allows you to track daily email campaign results, create and save reports, and view and export information on classified advertisers. Most classified customers respond to well-timed renewal emails in less than 24 hours. You can check the results from each day’s email renewal effort at any time.

Sample Ad Renewal Campaign Summary Report
CAMPAIGN DATE 3/4/2007 3/5/2007 3/6/2007 3/7/2007 3/8/2007 Total
Classified Ads for
Renewal by Email
68 83 114 145 75 485
Undeliverable Emails 7 6 10 17 6 46
% Undeliverable 10.3% 7.2% 8.8% 11.7% 8.0% 9.5%
Net Deliverable Emails 61 77 104 128 69 439
# Clicking on Link in
Renewal Email
9 11 16 19 11 66
% Clicking Through on
Renewal Email Link
14.8% 14.3% 15.4% 14.8% 15.9% 15.0%
Ad Renewal Forms Submitted 5 6 9 12 6 38
Click Through to Form
Submission %
55.6% 54.5% 56.3% 63.2% 54.5% 57.6%
Actual Ads Renewed 4 6 8 11 6 35
Ads Renewed as % of
Emails Sent
6.6% 7.8% 7.7% 8.6% 8.7% 8.0%
Value of Ads Renewed* $ 172.00 $ 258.00 $ 344.00 $ 473.00 $ 258.00 $ 1,505.00
Cost Per Sent Email ($0.10) $ 7.80 $ 9.50 $ 13.20 $ 16.90 $ 8.70 $ 56.10
Ad Revenue @ $43/ad
(less send costs)
$ 164.20 $ 248.50 $ 330.80 $ 456.10 $ 249.30 $ 1,448.90

Automatic Follow-Up Based on Response or Time

Email Campaign Manager software tracks customer response to your classified ad renewal email message. You can schedule automatic follow-up messages to those not responding to remind them of ad expiration dates, or schedule post expiration date renewal offers. Email Campaign Manager’s exclusive Campaign Filter checks to see whether customers qualify for follow-up messages based on updated information from your classified system.

Schedule automatic email messages based on customer response or the passage of time. Email Campaign Manager software provides real-time results for each step of your email campaign and you can view, export and report results at any time.

How To Acquire Classified Customer Emails?

mass2one works with your newspaper to establish an email and permission collection program using existing customer contact points: online classifieds, classified call center, etc. Classified reps request an email address and permission to communicate by email at the time the classified ad is ordered.

This effort requires training of classified staff to establish email and permission collection as a standard operating procedure. Experience shows that email collection rates start with 15% of all advertisers providing their email and permission and grow as classified reps gain experience.

Many classified systems are capable of storing a customer email address. Older systems may require additional programming to collect and maintain customer emails and permission. We recommend capturing the date the email was collected or last updated, as well as email ‘opt-in’ status to support the ongoing maintenance of customer emails and permission.

Quickly Build Your Database with
Advertiser Email Append

Advertiser Email Append can help you quickly build your database of current and past customers with opt-in email addresses and accelerate your use of email marketing to increase classified ad revenue. Your classified customer file is matched against a national database of ‘opt-in’ emails and email addresses are appended to matched records. You only pay for matched and deliverable emails. A monthly or quarterly email append process can be established to provide you with ongoing updates for your classified customer database.

Classified customer records are matched to a national ‘opt-in’ email database and email addresses are appended to matched records. You receive your original file, plus customer emails for your ongoing use.

Click here for more information on Advertiser Email Append.
Click here for Email Append Agreement.

Increase Classified Ad Revenue with mass2one’s
Classified Ad Renewal Email Marketing Program

The sooner your newspaper integrates permission-based email into your classified ad renewal process, the sooner your classified revenue will increase. mass2one works with you to set up an initial trial program to demonstrate the return on investment provided by our Classified Ad Renewal Email Marketing program. We’ll then help you automate the process so you can increase classified renewal without adding staff. Click here for pricing information or call 800-499-6780 to learn more about how your newspaper can increase classified ad renewal and revenue without adding staff.

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