Scott Stines, President

Scott Stines has more than 20 years of marketing, database, and sales experience helping companies improve the return on their marketing investment through the successful integration of information, technology, people, and process.

Prior to founding mass2one, Scott was Director of Target Marketing Development with Gazette Communications, a multimedia company with newspaper, television, radio, software, and direct marketing holdings. Scott was instrumental in introducing and establishing the initial user base for MarketInfo data warehousing software in the newspaper industry. Newspaper clients included The Dallas Morning News, Orlando Sentinel, Omaha World Herald, and Providence Journal.

Prior experience includes serving as Vice President of Client Services with Kragie/Newell Advertising, Vice President Marketing & Sales with MCI Direct, and Vice President/Account Supervisor with Young & Rubicam Advertising. Scott earned his BS degree in Marketing from Arizona State University.

Scott is President of the International Newspaper Marketing Association in the U.S. and Canada and a member of the American Press Institute's Marketing Advisory Panel. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences including the International Newspaper Marketing Association World Congress, Newspaper Association of America Marketing Conference, American Press Institute, Pacific Area Newspaper Publishers Association, and International Association of Newspaper Financial Executives. His column addressing marketing, technology, and business process appears monthly in IDEAS magazine, a publication of the International Newspaper Marketing Association.

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