The London Free Press Renews $235,000 in Classified Revenue Using Email Campaign Manager® Software

      The London (Ontario) Free Press has an e-mail program in place that automatically notifies private party classified advertisers when their ad is up for renewal, said Linda Wheatley, vice president of advertising and sales for The London Free Press.

      The newspaper uses mass2one’s Email Campaign Manager Software to send 300 to 400 ad renewal email notices each month. “Emails are personalized and include the text of the ad.,” Wheatley explained. “customers can make changes to their ad or renew it as is. They are also encouraged to complete a brief satisfaction survey.”

      The London Free Press started working with mass2one in August 2003 in order to reach customers that could not be contacted by phone. The newspaper is happy with the response from the program, according to Wheatley, “In 2004 we re-solicited and renewed more than $235,000 in classified advertising via email at a cost of just over $19,000.

       Wheatley explained that one of the challenges in developing an e-mail program lies in collecting and maintaining e-mail addresses. “It’s just a matter of emphasis,” she noted. “Putting emphasis on whoever is talking to the customer or whoever is collecting e-mail addresses to make sure you have them all in the system.”

      The London Free Press and London Pennysaver participated in a three-month trial of Email Campaign Manager software in 2003 and signed up for an annual ASP subscription to the software in February 2004. Email Campaign ManagerSoftware is currently being used in the Circulation and Advertising departments to reduce cost per customer contact and drive online transactions and revenue at a lower cost.

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