Use Your Customer Data to Build Highly Profitable Email Campaigns

PBS and mass2one Align to Give You the Power to

• Manage Customer Relationships
• Lower Sales and Service Costs
• Increase Revenue

Each day your newspaper interacts with your customers through circulation customer service, classified advertising call centers, Web sites, and in person. Thousands of transactions are processed each day, from new subscription starts to the placement of classified ads via call centers and web sites. A wealth of information on customers and their transactions resides in your newspaper’s PBS business systems.

Publishing Business Systems
leads the industry in providing newspapers with access to customer information for the purpose of maximizing the value of customer relationships. Now PBS has teamed with mass2one to help you integrate permission-based email communications into your newspaper’s sales and service process to lower costs, extend the reach of your ad sales force, and increase circulation and advertising revenue.

Email Campaign Manager
software was developed by mass2one to provide newspapers with the capability to target email communications to customers and prospects based on available contact and transaction information. The software allows you to automate customer communications and migrate postal mail and telephone marketing to email - lowering the cost per contact in advertising and circulation transactions.

Maximize the Value of Customer Relationships
mass2one has worked with newspapers over the past three years to demonstrate how email communications can be integrated into the sales and service process to lower communications costs, drive circulation and advertising transactions, and increase revenue. From targeted subscription sales and renewal programs to renewing classified ads and selling display ad space, Email Campaign Manager software allows your newspaper to quickly benefit from the speed to market, one-to-one communications capabilities, and lower costs provided by permission-based email communications.

Circulation Email Applications

  • Subscription sales
  • New start verification
  • New subscriber communications
  • Subscriber e-newsletters
  • Auto pay conversion
  • Subscription upgrades
  • Subscription renewal
  • Subscriber re-activation

Advertising Email Applications

  • Classified ad renewal
  • Special section ad sales
  • Selling print/online packages
  • New product/service introductions
  • Vertical market sales
  • Ad upgrade programs
  • Advertiser e-newsletters
  • New business development

Improve Results with Database-Driven Email Communications

mass2one’s Email Campaign Manager software allows newspapers to target and time communications with customers based on available contact and transaction information. Email Campaign Manager software uses the information from your PBS business system to create and deliver targeted and timed email communications to help you improve customer service, lower transaction costs, and increase circulation and advertising revenue.

How it Works:

  • PBS has created an interface to Email Campaign Manager software that streamlines the exchange of customer information between systems.

  • Information from your PBS system is uploaded daily to Email Campaign Manager software’s relational database.

  • You create one-time or ongoing campaigns in Email Campaign Manager software to target and time the delivery of email communications to customers.

  • Email Campaign Manager software sends highly targeted emails to the appropriate subscribers or advertisers – ensuring that the right customers receive the right message at the right time.

Circulation Example: Migrating Welcome Letters to Email
Customer information from your PBS circulation system, including subscription start date, is uploaded to Email Campaign Manager software nightly. Your newspaper has established a “New Subscriber” email campaign in Email Campaign Manager and the software automatically identifies new subscribers by start date and sends the appropriate new subscribers “Welcome” communications each day. Welcome emails are personalized with copy customized based on subscription sales channel and subscription type and length, and include links to web pages with subscriber customer service information. A link is included to a new start verification survey. If a new subscriber submits a survey indicating they are not receiving their newspaper, a non-delivery notice email is sent to the appropriate distributor or contractor for follow-up. Your newspaper can track new subscriber response and reduce the costs associated with new subscriber “Welcome” letters sent via postal mail.

Auto Pay Conversion Case Study

Classified Example: Renewing Classified Ads

Customer information from your PBS advertising system, including classified ad expiration date and ad text, is uploaded to Email Campaign Manager software nightly. Your newspaper has established a “Classified Ad Renewal” email campaign in Email Campaign Manager and the software automatically identifies advertisers with ads expiring in three days and sends them an “Ad Renewal” email. Ad renewal emails are personalized with copy customized based on ad category and include the text of the ad and trackable links to an ad renewal web page. Your newspaper can track classified ad renewal response and reduce the time and costs associated with ad renewal telephone call back programs.

Selling Classified Recruitment Advertising

Display Advertising Example: Selling Special Section Advertising
mass2one works with your advertising staff to develop master customer and prospect databases for each ad rep to support their ongoing ad sales efforts via permission-based email communications. Ad rep databases are combined and imported into Email Campaign Manager software with information on past special section advertisers and prospective advertisers. All emails are sent from your ad reps (and their email address) to their assigned customers and prospects.

Past customers are thanked for their business and provided an incentive for upgrading the size of their ad in the upcoming special section. Prospective advertisers receive a personalized email from their assigned ad rep with information or an offer on advertising in the special section. Emails include links to ad sign-up forms created in Email Campaign Manager software. When customers or prospects complete and submit the ad sign-up form, the information is sent real time to their assigned ad rep via email for timely follow-up.

Benefit from Your Customer's Growing Internet and Email Use
Each day millions of consumers and businesses use the Internet to access Web sites and conduct business using email communications.

Fast Facts:
  • More households in the U.S. have an Internet subscription than a home delivery newspaper subscription 1

  • 69% of US households have a PC – 98% of those have access to Internet and email 2

  • 50 million consumers online from work each day 3

  • 65% of consumers have access to the Internet from home or work 4

  • 80% of business contacts prefer email communications; 20% prefer phone 5

    1 Annenburg Public Policy Institute, June 2000
    2 Yankee Group, November 2002
    3 Wall Street Journal Online, March 2003
    4 Arbitron/Edison Media Research, February 2003
    5 Meta Group, April 2003

Collecting Emails and Permission from Customers
mass2one works with your newspaper to develop an email and permission collection program that will quickly build your database of customers or prospects with ‘opt-in’ email addresses.

  • Your PBS billing system is capable of capturing and retaining advertiser and subscriber email addresses

  • We help you establish an ‘opt-in/opt-out’ email communications policy and process to update and maintain your ‘opt-in’ email database over time

  • We provide email and permission scripting for customer service and classified call center representatives and inside and outside sales representative

  • We offer Customer Email Append services to help you quickly append ‘opt-in’ emails to your subscriber and advertiser databases.
Fast Facts:
  • 60% to 70% of subscribers have an email address

  • 70% to 80% of subscribers will provide their email address and permission to communicate via email about their subscription

  • 90%+ of contract advertisers have an email address

  • 90% to 95% of contact advertisers will provide their email address and permission to communicate via email

Right Message, Right Audience, Right Time

Email Campaign Manager software uses the information from your PBS business system to identify which customers should receive which message, ensuring timely and targeted contact with your customers at a fraction of the cost of postal mailings or telephone contact. You have 24/7 access to email campaign results and can quickly view, report, or export information on customers at any stage of an email campaign to integrate other sales and service channels (telephone, postal mail), as needed for follow-up.

The information in your PBS business system can be used in Email Campaign Manager software to not only segment communications based on available information, but also deliver customized ‘one-to-one’ email communications. In a single email campaign step you can send different messages (copy, graphics, links) to different audience segments based on their available information. Your email messages are tied to database queries you construct in Email Campaign Manager software. As a result, ‘Sunday Only’ subscribers receive a different message, offers, or links than 7-Day subscribers - or Employment Advertisers receive different messages than Garage Sale advertisers. You decide which customers receive which message and Email Campaign Manager software automatically matches the message to the right audience and sends it at the time you’ve designated.

PBS Customers Save $1,000 on the Installation of Email Campaign Manager software
Now you can leverage the information in your PBS business system in Email Campaign Manager software to deliver the right message, to the right audience, at the right time - at the right price. For a limited period of time, PBS customers signing up for an annual ASP subscription to Email Campaign Manager software, can save $1,000 on the one-time set-up fees.

About mass2one:
mass2one is a software, consulting and creative service company that helps newspapers integrate email into their sales and service mix to lower costs and increase circulation and advertising revenue. Scott Stines, President, founded mass2one in 2000 after working in the newspaper industry for Gazette Communications, a multi-media holding company based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. mass2one newspaper clients include USA TODAY, The Globe and Mail, Knight Ridder, American City Business Journals, and The London Free Press.

About PBS:
PBS was founded in 1989 to provide the newspaper publishing industry with flexible and scalable business intelligence software to manage their circulation, advertising, financial, sales, human resource, and other critical operations. Today the company’s MediaPlus‚ software is installed in hundreds of newspapers of all sizes, at points around the globe. PBS corporate headquarters are in Chicago with additional locations in Minneapolis and Montreal, Canada.

  • Web-based application accessible via current browser and secure login

  • Relational database for segmenting messages and creating one-to-one email communications

  • Message Manager allows non-technical users to create, save, and edit text and html email messages

  • Response Manager allows you to create surveys/sign-up forms, track results, and send real-time email notices based on survey response

  • Multi-Step Campaign Planner allows you to schedule email communications based on response or the passage of time

  • Campaign Management allows you to establish Drop-In and Drop-Out rules by campaign and synchronize databases to ensure the right customer receives the right message

  • Real-Time Reporting provides 24/7 access to campaign results

  • Annual ASP Subscription priced to provide your newspaper with a quick return-on-investment


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