Product Pricing
Access the capabilities of Email Campaign Manager software through an annual ASP subscription or a one-time perpetual site license.

• ASP Subscription

Don't have a capital budget or the technical staff to support a site license? Want to test and prove your business model before committing to an Email Campaign Manager software site license? If you answered yes to either of these questions, an ASP subscription for Email Campaign Manager software may be right for your business. You can be up and running quickly with an ASP Subscription to Email Campaign Manager software. You will access Email Campaign Manager software from your desktop with a web browser via our secured Internet servers. Subscription pricing consists of a monthly base fee and a variable fee tied to usage.

Contact us at 800•499•6780 for more information on ASP subscription pricing.

ASP Subscription Deployment
An ASP subscription does not require you to purchase or install any software. You can access the software from either a PC or MacIntosh via our secured Internet site using an up-to-date version of Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator (Version 4.0 or higher) with all security patches applied to the system. JavaScript must be enabled, and CSS settings must allow documents to define their own style suggestions.

For additional information on the ASP subscription deployment of Email Campaign Manager software, contact us at 800•499•6780.

• Site License

A one-time perpetual site license for Email Campaign Manager software provides you with unlimited use of the software. Email Campaign Manager software resides on your server and can be integrated with website and traditional business systems to implement targeted sales, service, and communications programs. Site license costs vary by industry segment and application as Email Campaign Manager software includes customized sample messages by industry and application. In addition to the site license fee, there is an annual technical support fee that covers customer service, technical support, and software upgrades.

Contact us at 800•499•6780 for site license and customer and technical support pricing.

Site License Deployment
Licenses for Windows NT, Cold Fusion, and Microsoft SQL are necessary per CPU hosting the Email Campaign Manager software environment. Depending on server load, a low-end "server class" or high-end "desktop class" machine is recommended. RAM is critical to speed of operation, especially when complex queries are anticipated. Server size is dependent on database size, usage levels, number of campaigns, and email volume. mass2one and our strategic partners will work with you to specify the hardware and client software required for your deployment of Email Campaign Manager software.

The database server must be installed and configured correctly, including the structures for the various tables and indexes. Structures are provided in an industry-standard format for quick creation of the database environment. The database must have an ODBC service configured that will allow the web environment permissions and capability to connect to the database. In the site deployment model, a journeyman data base administrator (DBA) can maintain the Email Campaign Manager software environment.

Network infrastructure, such as firewall issues, encrypted database access, import/export constraints, and mail delivery infrastructure are the responsibility of the licensee. A portion of the software must be reachable outside any firewall in order to handle response tracking. mass2one and our strategic partners provide installation services and support and will work with you to configure Email Campaign Manager software to your unique needs and applications.

For additional information on site license deployment of Email Campaign Manager software contact us at 800•499•6780.

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