Email Campaign Manager Software
Email Campaign Manager software combines a relational database and proprietary email engine with multistep campaign development, response tracking and reporting to help your company quickly benefit from permission-based email marketing. When integrated with traditional media, direct marketing, and personal sales and service channels, the software can help your company lower costs, improve results, and increase revenue.


• Database Capabilities

Information Import & Export
Email Campaign Manager software provides data import and export wizards to help you quickly define your data fields. You can customize how your database information is stored, viewed, and accessed to speed the development of email marketing campaigns. A data export wizard is provided so you can quickly export database information and campaign results for integration into business systems, statistical analysis tools, predictive dialers, or for distribution to sales or service staff. You can save frequently used import and export formats to save time.

Target Your Audience
Email Campaign Manager software allows you to quickly identify your target audience based on available information (demographics, transaction history, survey response, geography, sales or service representative, etc.), and create multiple campaign steps that deliver personalized email messages. The software automatically tracks privacy and permission status and the Email Permission Services provided by mass2one can help you maintain an accurate and up-to-date database of "opt in" email addresses. Email Campaign Manager software may not be used for the distribution of unsolicited email messages, or SPAM.

• Campaign Capabilities

Managing Communications
Email Campaign Manager software allows you to quickly identify your target audience, tailor your message, define response paths, and create follow-up campaign steps and messages based on audience response or elapsed time. You can build a multistep campaign or wait for results before creating campaign steps on the fly.

Tracking Responses
Email Campaign Manager software tracks individual click throughs to web site links and automatically updates campaign status information so you know how many and who has responded to your message. Ongoing reporting of campaign results allows you to change campaign steps, delivery timing, message content, and URL or email links to fit your business applications.

• Messaging Capabilities

Sample Messages
Email Campaign Manager software includes sample email messages you can use or modify to fit your needs. Sample messages are included for sales, service, and research applications and you can create, upload, or save your own text or html messages. mass2one Email Creative Services can help you quickly create a custom message, e-newsletter, or web site to fit your specific needs. We work with our strategic partners by industry to understand your business and create the sample text and html messages that will increase your speed to market, lower costs, improve results, and increase customer value.


Personalizing Messages
Email Campaign Manager software allows you to personalize email messages based on available information (geography, demographics, transaction history, spending, SIC Code, etc.) as well as insert URL links and email addresses into messages to facilitate immediate response. From addressing customers by name to tailoring individual message content, URL links, or email addresses, Email Campaign Manager software delivers one-to-one marketing capabilities to your desktop


• Data Collection Capabilities

Email Campaign Manager software's Survey Builder allows you to quickly create research and data collection instruments to support your business needs. Whether you are measuring customer satisfaction, updating customer information, or collecting email addresses and permission, the software's survey builder allows you to collect valuable information at a fraction of the cost of traditional channels.

Email Campaign Manager software also saves you time and money. You can create and distribute a research or data collection instrument in a matter of minutes. Results are summarized and reported as your target audience responds, providing you with immediate access to the information you need to make smarter business decisions.

You don't have to have a website to take advantage of Email Campaign Manager software's data collection capabilities. Your research questionnaire or data collection form resides on the software's server, eliminating the time and expense for building a custom web page. Email Campaign Manager software also allows you to send follow-up email messages or campaigns based on the information collected. Data collection applications include:

  • Email address and "opt in" permission collection
  • Advertising or direct mail inquiry response forms
  • Promotion response sites
  • Customer satisfaction research
  • Customer service follow-up
  • Consumer or Business database development

• Reporting Capabilities

Email Campaign Manager software provides standard telemarketing and direct mail reports and allows you to create and save customized reports to fit your business application. Whether you need to quickly communicate campaign responses from individual customers to your sales or service staff for timely follow-up or generate a list for direct mail fulfillment, the software allows you to quickly create reports for each step of your email campaign.

• Integration with Mail, Telemarketing & Sales

Email Campaign Manager software plays well with other media, direct marketing, sales and service channels. Email Campaign Manager software was designed to facilitate the integration of communications, sales, and service channels. The software allows you to isolate customer or prospect records without email addresses or "opt in" permission for timely direct mail, telephone, personal sales, or service contact.

Creative & Production Services
mass2one provides direct mail, telemarketing, and creative services to support your sales or service programs. Direct mail, telemarketing, and personal sales or service responses may be imported into Email Campaign Manager software to support ongoing communications with your target audience.


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