Email Permission Services™
Maintaining an accurate database of customers and prospects can be a challenge. Maintaining an accurate and up-to-date database of customer and prospect email addresses can be even more difficult. mass2one Email Permission Services accelerates the adoption of e-marketing strategies by helping you collect, maintain, and update email addresses for customers and prospects over time.

Getting Started
There is no simple solution for developing and maintaining a database of email addresses for your customers and prospects. That is why Email Permission Services integrates your primary data collection with its proprietary email and "opt-in" collection process to build and maintain your database of customer and prospect email addresses.

You may already have email addresses for your current customers or perhaps you are in the process of collecting email addresses and "opt-in" permission from customers or prospects. Regardless of where your email database efforts are today, Email Permission Services can help you accelerate the collection of email addresses and "opt-in" permission from your customers or prospects and provide ongoing email update services to fit your business needs.

Collecting Email Addresses
mass2one and our strategic partners will help you develop and implement an integrated email address and "opt in" permission data collection program to fit your business needs. We will show you how to transform each contact point with your customers and prospects into a data collection opportunity that will capture email addresses and secure "opt-in" permission. We can also help you design and implement a proactive email and permission data collection program using email, telemarketing, direct mail, sales, and service channels.

Email & Permission Maintenance
Email Permission Services keeps you up and running with an accurate database of email addresses and "opt in" permission by providing ongoing data collection and verification services. You can submit undeliverable email addresses or "opt out" records directly to mass2one for immediate follow-up and resolution. Email Permission Services immediately verifies email addresses and "opt-in" permission to ensure that the information collected is correct.

Contact Qualification and Maintenance
mass2one integrates telephone, email, direct mail and data collection web sites to help you collect and maintain email addresses and "opt-in" email marketing permission over time. Email Permission Services uses state-of-the art telemarketing and Internet technology to help you create and maintain an accurate and up-to-date database of contacts. Email Permission Services offers support for multiple languages including Spanish, German, and French.

• Integration Services

Email Campaign Manager software is designed to work well with your existing data sources by facilitating easy information imports and exports. Keeping your Email Campaign Manager software synchronized with your primary data sources is also easy. The software's import utility allows you to update information on a regular basis, and you can schedule updates for only selected information required to update and run effective email campaigns.

To get the most out of Email Campaign Manager software, direct integration with your primary data sources can save you time and ensure that the information in the software is up-to-date. Our staff can provide you with customized solutions tailored to your business needs. Our integration team has years of experience with integration issues, and can quickly roll out a straightforward, maintainable integration solution, customized for your particular data environment.

Data Access
On a periodic basis, Email Campaign Manager software can synchronize its data with live data sources. The software may be customized to retrieve data – through DCOM, ODBC, CORBA, JavaBeans, or even 3270 screen-scraping – on a scheduled or on-demand basis. Custom filters can be used to make sure that the mail broadcast engine is utilizing the most up-to-date information prior to each message being transmitted. Important data from your website may be "pushed" back to your primary data source or data warehouse, rather than going through an export-import cycle.

Since Email Campaign Manager software has to interact with users on the Internet – sending mail, handling click-through tracking, and in some cases allowing remote access to the system – security issues are critical. mass2one can create custom security implementations to fit your business needs. Solutions such as firewalled database support with encrypted ODBC access, SSL data transmissions to keep your synchronization processes secure, and managing extranet exposure, allow you to utilize the full power of your user data without compromising your users' privacy – or the value or confidentiality of your information..

Once the synchronization process is in place, it is important that its role in the overall data environment is carefully documented and its interdependence on various system elements is known. Complete documentation, including tools and systems used, and database assumptions, allow future changes to be handled with knowledge of the impact of those changes on the synchronization bridge. As part of the integration process, both active and passive monitoring tools are deployed which will alert support personnel when synchronization processes fail – before they are reported by your end users.

For more information on mass2one Integration and Email Permission Services, contact us at 800•499•6780.


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