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mass2one helps newspapers integrate email communications into their marketing, sales, and service mix to lower costs, improve results, and increase ad revenue. Email Campaign Manager™software allows your newspaper to develop and implement targeted email sales and service programs to extend the reach of your classified ad sales force, lower selling costs, and increase classified ad revenue.

mass2one works with you to develop a proven process for building and maintaining a database of customers and prospects with email addresses. We provide the Emarketing experience and results-driven creative services required to help you achieve your classified revenue goals.

Whether your goal is to acquire incremental revenue from current advertisers or generate new classified revenue, we can help you develop the Emarketing programs that will help you achieve your goals.

Email marketing is much more than just getting the word out on advertising opportunities. Every email you send can include a link to your web page or a response site created in Email Campaign Manager software. Advertisers and prospects not only learn about releva
nt advertising opportunities, they also can sign up for ad space, renew their classified ad, or request additional information with the click of a mouse.

The Dallas Morning News used Email Campaign Manager softwa
re to generate more than $31,000 in ad revenue for a classified recruitment section.

Selling Classified Recruitment Advertising at The Dallas Morning News

The Dallas Morning News’ classified advertising department is using email marketing to reach current advertisers and prospects with special offers that drive early commitment for advertising space. One of the advertising department’s initial email campaigns was designed to verify and update advertiser contact information as well as provide an incentive for direct accounts and agencies to advertise in the newspaper’s Jumbo Jobs Super Employment section.

An initial email message was sent to 814 direct accounts and 289 agency contacts from their assigned ad rep. The email asked advertisers and prospects to verify or update their contact information (name, address, phone, etc.) as well as provide permission for ongoing email communications. In return for responding by a specific date, advertisers were offered 15% savings on a 4” or larger ad in the newspaper’s Jumbo Jobs Super Employment section.

The initial email resulted in 200 bounced emails and revealed the need to do a better job of collecting and maintaining information on advertisers and prospects. The Morning News classified department adopted Microsoft Outlook as the standard application used by all classified sales reps for capturing and maintaining customer information. Ad reps were provided additional training on Outlook to improve the completeness and quality of advertiser and prospect information.

More than 5% of advertisers and prospects responded to the initial email within the first two hours of the campaign. A follow-up email was sent to all non-responders after four days reminding them of the approaching deadline for the savings offer. The total campaign click through rate was 13.4% with 106 advertisers and prospects updating their contact information as follows:

More than 100 advertisers updated their contact information in response to an email sent from Dallas Morning News ad reps. This chart shows the percentage of advertisers updating each information field.

In addition to updating their contact information, advertisers and prospects responding to the email campaign placed more than $31,000 in advertising in the newspaper’s Jumbo Jobs Super Employment Section: 12 advertisers placed 13 ads. Total net revenue for ads with discounts was more than $27,000 with a program cost of less than $1,500. 97% of the advertisers responding to the campaign agreed to receive future email communications from The Dallas Morning News with 56% preferring to receive text emails and 44% preferring HTML email messages.

“The initial email campaign demonstrated the profit potential and market advantage email marketing has in terms of supporting the classified advertising sales process,” reports, David Morel, Director of Customer Management & Inside Sales at The Dallas Morning News. “The ability to use email to verify advertiser contact information and generate ad revenue has been demonstrated with subsequent email campaigns and we are gearing up for additional email programs in the coming year.” In addition to supporting special section ad sales, the Morning News plans to use email to renew classified ads and market exhibit space at Job Fairs in 2002. "Email marketing provides a tremendous avenue of opportunity to build profitable relationships with our advertisers and subscribers. The ability to keep consumer information current, take the "pulse" of our customers via online surveys and promote advertising through email marketing initiatives will play a vital role in our success. The future will be about ‘customer access’. Email Marketing provides the needed velocity to promote, grow, act and evaluate our relationship with the consumer,” adds Morel.

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